Frequently Asked Questions.

How much will a map of my Park cost?
Our costs are based on the size of the park to be drawn and the amount of detail you want to be shown. We will usually ask for a site plan, or a copy of your old map before quoting a fixed price to you.

How long will the artwork take to complete?
Depending on the size of your facility and the level of detail you want the usual map design process is between 4 and 12 weeks. This includes time for you to review the work in progress and request any changes or corrections that may be needed.

Will your artist need to visit the Park?
An artist's visit is recommended for new projects but is not absolutely required. For large or medium sized parks an artist's visit usually helps speed the design process and reduce the number of corrections that may be needed. The artist becomes familiar with the park layout and can ensure that he has photographs of all the rides and structures that need to be shown on the map. 

For smaller projects and for annual updates to an existing Citigraph map an artist's visit is not usually necessary. We can usually work from construction plans and photographs that you can send to us. Often you can just tell us the type of new ride being installed and we will already have photographs of that ride type on file.

My Park is currently under construction, can you still design a map for us ready for our Grand Opening?
Yes we can! Our artists can interpret and work from construction blueprints and plans. We designed the maps for Universal Studios, Florida, Warner Bros, MovieWorld, Germany, Legoland California and Legoland, Germany while these parks were in the early stages of construction. All of the parks were very pleased at how accurately the maps reflected the finished construction.

Can your maps be updated whenever new rides or changes are added to the park?
Yes we update our maps whenever our client parks request it. Usually before the start of each year. An artist visit is not needed. We usually work from photographs supplied by the park, or plans if the construction is not complete. We also have an extensive library of photos of most standard ride types often all you need to tell us is the name and manufacturer of the new ride and we can draw it from our own photographs.

Can I have your company design the initial map artwork and then have a local artist update it each year?
No! Some parks have inadvertently done this in the past with disastrous results. The changes they plugged in did not match the style, or quality of the original artwork and spoiled the overall look of the map. Our other customers and prospective clients recognized our artwork and assumed we were responsible for the sub-standard work on the changes. This could damage our reputation for top quality artwork and is why we never sell our artwork as "Work for hire", or offer a complete buyout of all rights. To maintain our reputation for quality work all changes to the map artwork must be made by Citigraph. Third-party changes and modifications to our map artwork, or derivative versions of it, are a breach of copyright law and our rights of authorship.

What reproduction rights are included in the price?
The specific reproduction rights granted are clearly stated in our initial contract with you before production begins and can be renegotiated at any time you wish. Generally, for guide maps we include the right to reproduce the map in any small non-retail form at no additional cost. So you can reproduce the map artwork in any quantity on your website, or for other printed advertising and promotional purposes for as long as you wish.

If you have purchased retail Souvenir maps from us, this generally does not include any reproduction rights at all. The purchase is for the finished printed maps themselves and not any of the rights to the artwork. If you wish to make additional use of the same artwork in your park guide brochure or booklet, or on your website, we can negotiate this separately. Flat fees for additional uses are very economical.