Is Your Multi-Million Dollar Entertainment "Machine" being Slowed Down by a 5 Part?




They say, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression".  

No matter how many millions you spend on new rides, attractions or landscaping, one of the FIRST things your guests see during their visit is the GUIDE MAP.  If you hand out an ugly, inadequate, or confusing map at the Front Gate - you just made a bad first impression!   

A top quality map and guide brochure conveys the right message to your guests.  "We are proud of our Park and will do everything possible to make your visit enjoyable." 

Guests don't like deciphering confusing, maps, or tracking down an employee to answer the most basic questions.   This leads to frustration and a negative attitude. 

An expertly designed map brochure enables your guests  to plan their day and navigate the Park quickly and easily.  It's like putting a mobile "Guest Relations Department" in everyone's hand! 


A well designed map and brochure is a revenue boosting asset for your Park....a bad one is just a printing invoice!

It's all about efficiency.  A good guide map will move your guests around the park efficiently and help boost in-park spending.   Guest spend less time lost, searching for restrooms, or waiting in line for answers.  There is less chance that they will accidentally bypass whole sections of the Park!  That leaves more time for eating, shopping, or playing Ring Toss!  

Happy, well informed guests spend more time and money at your Park   An effective guide map ensures that visitors take advantage of ALL that your facility has to offer. 

If your guide brochure is boring, long-winded, or if the map is inadequate, guests will  often shove it in their back pocket and ignore it all day.  A good map engages their interest, is easy to understand and will be used by your Guests all day long.

...and finally, at the end of the day, if your park has a REALLY, REALLY good guide map, maybe your Guests will take is home to be shown to friends and neighbors as a memento of the great time they spent at your Park.  That's FREE collateral advertising.  All of our map artwork is designed to "souvenir" quality.

Why Your Facility Needs a CITIGRAPH Guide Map

Citigraph has been designing and producing guide publications exclusively for the Theme Park and Tourist industry since 1985.   Other Agencies may produce a great brochure for the insurance company down the street but they probably don't know much about Theme Parks ...and probably even less about effective map design.

Good guide brochure design is ALL about designing the best possible map FIRST.  Then featuring it prominently in the layout and building the rest of the layout intelligently around it, to compliment and expand it's utility and ease of use. 

Most agencies make the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on the text/photo layout and squeeze a map, almost as an afterthought, into the little remaining space. In our experience the MAP is by far the most important element of a successful guide brochure.

LEGOLAND in Carlsbad California recently did a guest survey of their entire facility.  Our guide brochure received an amazing 93% approval rating! ...the highest of any element surveyed.  

We start with the most important element of the guide brochure....THE MAP.  We design it in-house.  Other agencies tend to sub-contact out the map and therefore naturally give it less "weight" in the final layout.  It is incredibly difficult for an inexperienced map artist to get the right balance between accuracy and appeal.  Their maps usually end up being glorified construction "site plans" (difficult to interpret and usually unappealing in style), or highly condensed "artistic interpretations" that are of little navigational use to your Guests.  They often draw the rides and structures in such a generic, low detail, way that most guests can not identify what the structures are.  With so few identifiable landmarks, these maps are of little practical use to your guests.

 Our artists are all experienced isometric map designers who know how to draw an accurate map that packs a LOT of information, but is FUN, quick and easy to use.  Each ride and structure in the park is drawn with accurate color and enough detail to be easily identifiable.  Guests can see the structures surrounding them in the Park and instantly identify them correctly on our map. 

We design the remainder of the brochure to the same high standards to compliment and expand upon the information contained in the map.  Text is edited to be informative but concise.  Photos, graphic elements, and backgrounds are carefully chosen for overall visual appeal and impact.   Finally the combined layout is designed as a logical, eye appealing, easy-to-follow presentation of the important information every guest needs to make the most of their visit to your Park. 

Citigraph is flexible.  Although we prefer to handle the entire brochure and map design and printing. we can deliver map and/or brochure artwork only and let you handle the rest, if you prefer.

We can also supply "website ready" static, or interactive versions of our map artwork for use as a fun and informative part of your park's online presence.  These can range from web optimized pdf and jpg files for your guests to download print out, or interactive maps.  The interactive maps enable your guests to click on any ride, location or area, to obtain more detailed information and photos.

Samples of our map artwork are on our SAMPLES page. For questions regarding pricing, or for more information regarding our products and services use the [ONLINE REPLY FORM],  or visit the [CONTACT US] page.   Answers to a lot of frequently asked questions are also on our FAQ page.