Citigraph, Inc. was founded in November 1985 in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Since inception our Company's focus has been the design and production of maps and guide publications for the Theme Park and Attractions industry.  Our artwork has been praised by industry professionals as the "best available anywhere, at any price."


During the last 18 years our design and production techniques have evolved to keep pace with the leading edge of the computer graphics revolution.  Our projects are now entirely designed on computer graphics workstations.  Our studio is equipped with the latest hardware and software needed to keep our design-work on the cutting edge.  However we still insist that all of our artists be proficient in traditional artistic skills.  We find that this gives us a wider creative horizon, rather than being limited to what the computer can, and can not do.


Another unique aspect of our company is our artist's mastery of the difficult task of isometric map design.  Other Graphic Design Agencies just do not have the required experience and staff to produce the best possible map, the prime element of an effective guide publication for your facility.  We have made it our business to find out what works best for visitors to your facility.


Citigraph has been a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions since 1989.  We have exhibited at every annual I.A.A.P.A. Convention & Trade show since 1992.  Through our contacts at the I.A.A.P.A. Show we now have a growing list of international clients in Europe, Asia and South America.  Our internet links with the top translation experts, across the globe, enable us to produce publications in any language.


Citigraph looks forward to continuing our mission of producing "The Best Maps in the World" for our client Parks, Tourist Destinations and Attractions.


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