Souvenir Maps!

If you are looking for a merchandise item for your Attraction, to boost retail revenue, Citigraph Souvenir Maps are the way to go!

We understand that retail sales are directly proportional to the appeal and quality of the product ...So we design our souvenir maps to be colorful, fun, action-packed and printed to the highest quality. Lesser quality maps simply will not sell as well as ours. To ensure the best sales we offer custom made counter-top displays with every order.  These stylish displays are sturdily constructed from clear acrylic so they fit in with any decor.  Each is very compact and yet is able to hold up to 80 maps in 4 tiers. 

Visitors regard our souvenir maps as the very BEST memento of all the fun they had at your Park.  All the rides and attractions they rode and saw are laid out in full detail. 

The maps become great promotional items when your guests show them to friends and family back home and point out to friends and family all the hair-raising thrills and wonderful experiences they had during their visit. ....In fact many of our older maps have already become collectors items traded over the internet for many more times their original purchase price!

Citigraph offers a number of standard design packages, but can also produce artwork and finished printed maps to meet any design specifications you may want.  If you already have a Citigraph designed Guide Brochure, we can adapt the existing map artwork to Souvenir size and quality very quickly and economically (see the reorder prices below).

The retail price you charge at your Park for these Souvenir Maps is up to you, but we recommend a retail price of $1.99 to $2.99 




22"X 33" maps folded to 5.5"x 11.5"

Quantity Reorder, or printed from existing Citigraph digital map artwork of your Park Unit Price FIRST TIME ORDER

Includes cost of designing new map artwork of your park

Unit Price
10,000 $5,500 $0.55 $10,000 $1.00
15,000 $7,500 $0.50 $12,000 $0.80
20,000 $9,000 $0.45 $13,500 $0.68
25,000 $10,000 $0.40 $14,500 $0.58
25,000+ Additional 1,000's $0.35 Additional 1,000's $0.35

For special bulk pricing on quantities above 25,000, or more information regarding these products use the [ONLINE REPLY FORM], or visit the [CONTACT US] page.  Samples of our map artwork are in our SAMPLES section. Answers to a lot of frequently asked questions are also on our FAQ page.